Monthly Archives: January, 2012

Knitting my Cares Away

Ladies and gentlemen, this Mouse is proud to report that progress on the sweater for charity and self-healing is moving faster than anticipated. My original timeline was a smidgen generous, as I attempted to allow myself room for the task of unpacking and organizing after a recent move. So in the end, I’m perhaps more …

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The best solution to feeling wronged

This morning, I read a message that left me feeling quite upset, as well as misjudged. I let my feelings roll me in a blanket of self-depreciation and had a long cry, mentally and verbally beating myself up along the way. As the day dragged me along, a vague emptiness settled in near my sternum …

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Bienvenue au cirque de ma vie…

Bring in the jugglers, fire-eaters, trapeze artists, contortionists, and clowns. La Cirque de ma Vie est arrivée! Bisous, Mouse

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