Knitting my Cares Away

Ladies and gentlemen, this Mouse is proud to report that progress on the sweater for charity and self-healing is moving faster than anticipated. My original timeline was a smidgen generous, as I attempted to allow myself room for the task of unpacking and organizing after a recent move. So in the end, I’m perhaps more on-time than ahead… but letting myself feel as though I’m working faster certainly doesn’t hurt.

The rundown on the sweater project of joy and happiness, etc. follows thusly: On the 17th, I nabbed an old sweater from a small hill of clothing nestled in the foothills of Montagne de Merde (located five feet west of the Oubliette des Choses Perdues). Long ago, that sweater had been marked for death, and its destiny has been fulfilled; now what remains of its dismembered pink body lays in heaps and freshly-wound balls of yarn. Feeling very Dr. Frankenstein as my needles klicka-klack I’ve diligently been knitting and purling for an hour or two daily. At present, the first half of the sweater measures eight inches in length and approximately twelve inches in width. Given the pace at which the tiny child-size sweater is growing, the time will soon be right to begin the assemblage of arms!

Call me Dr. Knittenstein.

Raw remains of the dissected sweater

The child's sweater as it currently stands

In other news pertaining to the subject of assuaging the mind of its monkey-minded tendency towards worry, I have begun the practice of madly shuffling a deck of medicine cards recently gifted to my by Bear. This keeps my hands busy when I am not involved with knitting, and keeps my brain busy with concentrating on coordination, but has the added benefit of giving sound helpful advice every now and again. Do not think now that I am one to rely on a deck of cards or other “fortune telling” paraphernalia to go about my day-to-day business. However, I posit that there is something to be taken and learned from such things, even if only in minor ways. Par exemple: after shuffling the deck of medicine cards earlier today, I drew a card from the top of the deck, thinking of all the matters that need attending to in my life over the next few months. The Ant turned up to face me, with the following written beneath him, “Be patient. Honor the present moment. Find joy in the NOW.” From this generalized message, I see for myself the need to draw my awareness from the oncoming events and tasks of the future to the present, meaning I can’t work on the future until it arrives. This reminder that focus on the present is prudent eased my tensions and drew my thoughts from what I had been allowing to trouble me.

C’est les petites choses de la vie qui comptent.




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