D’être fatiguee n’est pas excuse.

I’m quite sure you –being the invisible net-dwelling folks comprising the ambiguous collective “you”– will have noticed the sudden lack of… everything, on this blog. Alors: tonsilitis paired with a marked lack of drive.  Add a new-job-busy chaser, and there it is– the story of the absent Mouse. In a nutshell. As journalist Sydney J. Harris once said, “Any philosophy that can be put in a nutshell belongs there.” Switch out philosophy for story, and you have this Mouse’s feelings on the aforementioned events.

In other news, through winding, tangled family-friend connections, Bear and I found rather sunshiney employment together, under the guidance of sister-owners Mountain Lion and Ant. Happy addition to daily life. Now, I am, it would seem, well-adjusted into my life in this city. I live with Bear and her family, my own family is close at hand, I have no physical needs unmet, mon chat est avec moi ici… Cette vie est bon, oui?

Having thus managed to grasp onto –or will into existence– most short-term goals and all current necessities, I find myself on a plateau of contentment. However, when I delve beneath the cream of the contentment, I find a trickling stream of uneasiness. Will this place become a plateau of complacency? Developing a complacent outlook can lead to stagnancy, and that is the last thing I want: to stay like this forever. S’il te plait, do not mistake my meaning. The happiness my life brings me is enjoyed, appreciated, and hopefully will prove to be lasting. However, it is occasionally the case that having all current needs met will lull some into a semi-hypnotized sleep. A not-too-uncommon phenomenon.

I would like to consider my position a happy perch. A place to rest, to survey the lay of the land. A place for building courage, for amassing potential energy.

Energy transfer: potential–PUSH–kinetic. Leap– forward, outward.

J’aime le repose. Et je fais bien avec le calme constant mais je ne l’aime pas.




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