Slow Streak

For the past week, I’ve been running a slow streak at work. It seems that each day I work (M,W,F, mostly) there is a distinct shortage of customers in the shop. I’m as chipper and helpful a mouse as ever. I’ve written “Welcome!” in approximately 15 different languages on one side of the chalkboard sign out front, and this week’s 20% off sale on the other. The days have been mostly sunny, with moderate temperatures. And I can’t imagine that Easter or this week’s spring breaks in most schools would keep customers away. Contrariwise, my assumption would be that we would be observing the exact opposite effect in patronage.
Today, I’m working another open to close shift. As of 2pm, there have been a grand total of two people in the shop. Only one made a purchase. A very moderate purchase, at that.

Quelle est le probleme? What keeps you away so long, mes copains?

Were it not for the jazzy Sinatra-era music piping into the shop I would be bored out of my mind. And if I had not snatched a Christopher Moore book from the house this morning, I would be beating my head against the cashwrap– actually, this remains a tempting option.

Mais, je suppose, all the good karmic action connected to the shop may be with my bosses today, as one of them has just given birth to a healthy baby boy!

Maintenant, je chante avec Ella Fitzgerald. Un tres petit moment magnifique.
C’est les petits choses qui compte.



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