About the Blog

Bienvenue, tout le monde!

My bloggy beginnings were inspired by a meeting with an old friend a few months back (Jan. 2012). Amid discussion of various life happenings, it was decided that we would live the fullest lives that we could. Priority A#1: undertaking our own Impossible Lists (See http://joelrunyon.com/ for information and inspiration!). My Impossible List contains many things that aren’t really “impossible,” but would never happen without inspiration and drive (which sometimes FEEL impossible).

One of the items on my list:  finally make a blog.

This blog will not be a log regaling the world about my List. This blog is about myself. Mouse. I’m a twenty-something, trying to figure myself out, directionless, hopeful-hopeless, gal. And this is all a product of the “quelle-qui-soit” from my mind.

Love, et bisous,



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